CaP Consorzio on SAT Krak 2004

dodano: 2004-09-13 15:52
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The “CONSORZIO CAP” - promotional activity society for telecommunication, electronic and mechanical systems, is formed by 8 italian companies involved in telecommunication systems and/or devices.

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8 Italian companies on SAT Krak 2004 fair:


ZEUS was a pioneer and one of the first companies in Italy to believe in the potential market of TV by Satellites and always remained at the top of this market. From the beginning ZEUS invests in the field of SMATV receivers and RF TV modulators.

We manufacture: SMATV receivers Analogues or Digitals (FTA/CI/EMBEDED); PLL RF/TV modulators (All Standards on request); Text generators. - RAI “discret” decoders for analogue reception; OEM (welcome). We also study special customer’s requests.


Telecom & security is a manufacturer of accessories for telecommunication systems. In details we have developed a new system for coaxial connection, based on our worldwide patented plastic coaxial connector, CaP.
Connection made with the cap is innovative, fast, economical, reliable offering in the same time the highest possible performances.


Messi & paoloni is an international high quality manufacturer of coaxial cables for radio frequency. The two professional line elite and expert make use of the “gas expanded ti” technology which, applying a sophisticated foam geometry between two layers, archieve superb performances.

CAVODINAMICA: Cavodinamica is a manufacturer of alarm, telephone, intercom, video-intercom, flexible, flat, domestic use and data transmission data cables.

GENESI ELETTRONICA: genesi elettronica is involved in design and production of electronic items.

MICROPROJECT: microproject is involved in design and production of devices for telecommunication.
FIO.PE. STAMPI : fio.Pe stampi is involved in mechanical project for telecommunications.

T & S SYSTEMI: t & s systemi is involved in telecommunication systems.
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